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The Committee of Veterinary Sciences

and Reproductive Biology




The Committee was established in 2016 as a result of the connection of the Committee for Reproductive Biology (1981) and the Committee for Veterinary Sciences (1956), continuing their activities. The Committee of Veterinary Sciences and Biology of Reproduction of the Polish Academy of Sciences was entrusted with the function of the National Committee in 2021. 

The activities of the Committee cover the following scientific areas and activities related to these activities:

structure and function of organs and systems of organisms of mammals, birds and fish with cellular and molecular aspects, pathophysiology and veterinary pathology, diagnosis and treatment of infectious and non-infectious diseases, prevention and prophylaxis of diseases, monitoring of infectious and non-infectious diseases in animal populations, improvement of diagnostic methods and analysis of infectious and non-infectious factors of animal diseases, hygiene of slaughter  of animals and food products of animal origin, sanitary aspects of production and distribution of animal products, hygiene of feed and animal nutrition, veterinary biotechnology. Physiology of the female and male reproductive system of mammals, birds and fish, pathology, diagnostics and therapy of the reproductive system disorders, biotechnics and biotechnology of animal reproduction.

The Committee analyzes the current state and development of veterinary sciences, sets out priority of research directions, initiates interdisciplinary research within veterinary sciences and in cooperation with related fields, popularizes and disseminates the achievements of veterinary sciences as well as the problems of animal and human health protection, cooperates with national and foreign organizations and societies scientific and professional.